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I just can't get my story right so I am rewriting it also since the chapters are too small, I need them to be at least 1000+ words so I am rewriting this story and if you want me to add anything or change something please comment down below

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


sorry i haven't been posting any chapters, normally i would have been to chapter 5 by now but  i have been very busy i will try to get them out this weekend, and the week after that

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Do you like this so far series?

Hey Plazma here, do you guys like this so far series and should I continue writing it. Oh and the first few chapters are short because I am not quite used to writing it so once I get used to writing it the chapters will be longer. Please comment down below so I can see if I should continue this story or try something new

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The World Of Amron 01

Chapter 1

I open my eyes, and notice that I look different. I look at my body as see scales and wings.

[oh i thought i am a dragon now great.]

I look around and see 5 other Dragons of different types. 

[They must be the 5 other beings that god had told me about]

[Great your awake, lets introduce each other then] said one.

[I am the Twilight Dragon Jugemu you?]

  [ My name is The Golden Dragon Obliva, the annoying one over there is the Holy Dragon Excalibur, the sly one right there is The Poison Dragon Tang, then there is the shy and quiet one The Mighty Ice Dragon Snowfilly, and mister colorful over there is The 7 Rainbow Dragon  Avalard.] said Obliva pointing to each one.

  [So now what] I asked.

  [Didn't god tell you, we are the 6 Guardian Dragons of the planet Amron. We each rule and govern over areas across the world. we can help grow civilizations and give blessings to people influencing the world that's the job god gave us help this world out]

  [So we make Heroes,Monsters and Demon Kings so they can fight for the balance of the world by giving people blessings of us Dragons?]

  [Yes if you want, now each of you go to your territories and start what you want] Ordered Obliva.

   So each of the Dragons left to create their own places. I wanted to make heroes and demon kings to watch them battle but that wont be for a few thousand years since none of the civilizations will be ready for it yet so we need to help them. 

  Hmm what races do I want to create for Civilizations, I think i will create the demon race, beast-men race, and a unique race of humans that are very rare. Oh and Monsters a fantasy world has to have monsters like demi-humans so goblins and orcs etc.

So I claimed all the small Islands expect for a few that the other Dragons have claimed. Over the next thousand years, the races the demon race and beast-men race grew very fast. And the Islands I claimed. I made infested with demi-humans and monsters, and soon it became known as the Twilight Lands, because they were very dangerous and most races never approached it. so most of the Twilight lands in the world are unexplored by races.

  I made the biggest Twilight Land my home. the most of other guardian dragons made their home on the continents and with the races they made. the demon race and beast-man race live on two different continents.

The countries, kingdoms, and races that the other guardian dragons made are: The Tang Dynasty(human) made by Tang, the Holy Kingdom of Owlen(human) made by Excalibur, Demon Lands(demon) by me, Kingdom of Ezlore(human/ unique) by me, kingdom of Galaeth(Beast-man) by me, Xi-pun Empire(human) by Avalard. The Draconian Kingdom(Draconian) by Obliva, Country Of the Elves Elron(elves) by Snowfilly, Dwarven Kingdom of Aiz(Dwarf) made by Avalard, land of the Twilight(Monsters) by me, Sacred Land Of the Dragons(regular Dragons not the 6 guardian Dragons) by Obliva, the Sea Of Iceala(sea life) by Snowfilly, The Islands of Blessing and Curse(Blessing and Curse) made by Avalard. and in the future country Named Heromine will be made by me.

Now to have some fun, with my powers because I am done with my work for now....

{Hey Plazma here if you have any question or suggestions about the story, or grammer corrections, please comment down below or email me.}

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The World Of Amron Prologue


  I Yugure Jugemu was a lazy student, I rarely attended High-School, but got very good grades, I never cared for anyone, since everyone always beat me up for having good grades but not coming to school

  But one day while walking home from school, I saw a little girl crossing the road about to get hit by a truck, so what did I do? I ran and jumped pushing the girl out of the way of the truck. And I slipped and went under the truck surviving. but then I got hit by a delorean going 88 miles an hour, and I died.
   I woke up, groaning I got up. Once I got up, I looked around, it was all white.

[Well enough with staring into space, stop and listen to me] a voice said.

[Huh!] I look around for where the voice came from.

[Well let me Introduce myself my name is Eblion, and I am the God of Creation.]
[Anyway so you have died] says the god.

[What how?] i asked.

[Oh you got hit by some manic trying to build a time machine, so now that you have died. you can reincarnate into a different world, and I am giving you the job of governing that planet with 5 other beings]

[Why another world why not earth] I asked.

 [Well that is because earth is over populating so you are going to a different world, and your lucky since you get a special job]
[What?! No i don't want to govern some place!] I yelled

But then light started to shine and I was disappearing.

[Sorry too late, have fun oh and your new name is the Twilight Dragon Jugemu]

With that I was gone.

(Author's note:Thanks for bearing with my first time writing this kind of story, feel free to point out errors so i can fix them thanks and hope you had fun reading the first part)

Welcome, and I Hope you Enjoy My story

Welcome to this blog, here I am going to be writing a light Novel Called "The World Of Amron" I thought of it myself after reading a ton of light novels and web novels. Its my original story i thought of well, it will have similarity's to some other light novels that influenced me of course. I am writing this novel for fun, so i am writing this in my own time so it might be a bit slow. Oh and I am a horrible speller and bad at grammar so there are bound to be grammar errors so bare with me and feel to tell me to help. I am in high-school so that will probably slow me down from writing it but i will do my best, And I hope you enjoy it.

(Sad huh I am bad at spelling and grammar but love to think and write fun stories.)